The state of unconditional love, or immense feeling of joy and bliss is your own light reflected in yourself— However, the potency of such a light is actually very dim, a light generated by thousands of buddhas who sustain lesser nirvana (or the light of the central sun (or hidden sun) grounded in the astral plane) so that the Bodhisattva’s (in the physical plane) which move beyond to the greater nirvana and reflect it into manifested reality allowing nirvana itself to manifest in increasing quality upon our mutual reality—

This love has little meaning beyond the one whom experiences it, until that person is capable of bringing even the tiniest bit of feeling to another; and turning it into a mutual feeling— When feelings become mutual, emotions turn into the subtle light of meaning, which through synchronicity allows to people to understand the same experience in the same way, yet in different forms of perspective.. allowing each one to act in unison according to a mutual star, but allowing each one to act out their individual orbit around the mutual sun, light, or emanation which guides them by honestly choosing their own choices in response to their heart in light of the emotion—

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