It is in a sense; understanding the current moment in multiple ways; but bringing those multiple ways into one formation– When it is experienced as this one formation, it has consequences of projecting a form of the self into the experience of others– The presence is neither here nor there, but means here and there– More so, this is already going on; but the fact that our presence is not recognized as being elsewhere simultaneously, it is like not consciously recognizing the meaning in a way that brings us into the formation of those details–

That is, you are already here; but are not conscious of being here to know the consequences of such–

It can be seen as going to a party, you arrive to this party and see all the details of this party– Now, the details; start morphing into new definitions, but those new definitions carry with them a certain relationship to all that is going on around you in the party– So now maybe we are in a room, but all the details of the room are arranged in a manner that reflect what is going on in the party.. in some ways metaphorical, but down to the detail– However you interact with the definitions of this room, comes into definition at the party– This room is kind of like a gate way, because; now let us say you are also at some other event or even with a simple one on one with someone else– Suddenly, the room changes to reflect the interactions of both events.. you are both there, and not there; both completely aware in a way of being there, but also completely aware of another way being elsewhere–

Further on this; once such a thing is established; you can be fully immersed in one experience, and understand completely the full immersion of the other experience– There are consequences to your personality however, because you are not simply acting upon one place, you are acting in “balance” of multiple places; the choices you make in one, are aligned with the choices you are making in another even though they may appear completely different; however, these choices can be aligned to one in the same depending on the quality formation– Which is like the quality of visions of the third eye, but on a different scale which is the scale of being–

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