Between us.


For me, I think the greater secrets lay between us and what could be between us– I do however feel, because our imagination and reality are not truly separate; that our imagination is purposely contorted, so that what we imagine reality is, is not what reality is–

That is, until; our “imagination” is so aligned with the nature of what is already around us always; things are not as we imagine– And I say this, because.. if the very moment things are the way we imagine them to be, then we will be in the moment we imagine.. And this hints that, what will be revealed between us, can only be known through us to be between; and that we cannot imagine what it will be, until it is as we imagined–

We, uphold each other; we make ourselves up, and make up that which makes up ourselves; but what does this mean to us as a breathing awareness? It is, that we are a real existence; not a matter of how real the material, but how real the stories that hold up the rest of reality– They are not, unreal because that which they are based on is untrue; but they are real because we lived through them to uphold their substance–

We uphold each other– Others uphold us–

You can align to so many different manners of being here, but what emerges between us that brings it harmony, recognizable clarity, and a shimmering fountain of meaningful interaction?

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