Beating heart–

Upon the heart of your perspective is the disturbance of your origin; in that, in order to understand a linear existence in a non-linear reality there must come a distortion, a first when there is only simultaneous—

Imagine if you will the truth being a circle, but in order to understand the circle in a linear reality; you must understand which quarter came first, and the consequence of which one appears to be first in your perspective, directly effects all the consequences after that— However, because each quarter simultaneously exists, any one of them can be seen as the first.. and thus any of four major consequences can arise, and depending on further extrapolation of our perspective take on many different forms in consequence—

The hopping of timelines is in this manner, a shifting of perspective upon your own unique pattern; and this can be very potent— It is in effect, the very same nature when you shift perspectives upon something in your reality.. whether you choose to look at the glass half empty or half full, or shift your perspective to the otherside of a wall— It can be as simple as changing the circumstances you are already aware of in terms of context, to apparently changing the nature of reality you are facing—

If you shift timelines in a physical manner, there is a balancing out; not everyone is experiencing reality in the same physical manner that you are, and so a major change in the shift must balance itself out to reunite with the other time lines in a manner that upholds your perspective the best it can— If you shift in a mental manner, you simply change your physical orientation to how you were already relating to reality—
As you ascend, you will rotate upon these spheres of your central being that beats your very heart, and sometimes radically change what appears to be the context of your situation—

I will put it bluntly; none of what is said in the spiritual groups is in some great light true, but that they help us in this dim light to orientate ourselves to that future arising.. In this sense, it is to a certain point for most, beyond their imagination to imagine, because their imagination is corrupted by preconceived notions of reality and unable to imagine things that have never known could be imagined— 

The issue of reconciling the distortion, is not yours alone; for it also exists in displacement of our collective being, which is why exactly we have different time lines in the first place—

It is not a matter that, these timelines must reconcile themselves into a certain realm of being, which is like a symbol for what is ahead; but the highest capability of what collectively we can imagine ahead; but that we are already in one realm, but in order to better interact with each other and our perspectives.. The exact linear truth or the hidden bloodline must be revealed in the collective manner to align our personal heart beat to the cosmic one— 

And then, if one can understand what I mean there; one must bring it to the point of a living heart beat, that it Is not a matter of what happened in our past to bring us to our future, but how we can orientate ourselves to that ever changing being that is simultaneously all things, while choosing what itself is in any moment—

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