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Part 1:

On the Buddha fields—

The light is seen, when all possibilities are recognized; when the shadows on the wall of the cave, or the limitations in the mind of man, fall away and all things that are and cannot be sustained by a single perception unless they culminate into the light of all being— Just as the light makes us up, so to does all make up the light— And yet, the subtleties of such of a thing extend beyond it when we know the land of the pure realms— The light alone is not enough to understand its expression, the light alone is not enough to understand its nature; we must fall into its greater being to see this—

The 5 pure abodes; each with its own color; within itself creates a certain limitation which refracts the light into an expression beyond itself arising in distinguishable/contrasting colors— What is the first expression of all possibilities? The true nature of limitation and liberation is that of expression, and each land takes the light of all possibility into the lands of intent, and refract themselves into pure motives— Subsequently, creating different classes of diva’s or defined expressions of intent focused back in upon itself— We find ourselves below this cosmic center, in which each defined motive, in its greater refinement of expression through limitation and definition comes in upon every other intent— In it’s greatest intensity, we are born in the darkness of obscurity; the ultimate shadow and individualization becoming completely unconscious of our nature and original being, but still that original being in its ever greater culmination—

We must here, know that the darkness is stillness; the silence is our origin, the light when not refracted upon itself to be witnessed— The soul origin before it speaks itself into expression by bending the light into its definition; the origin of our individuality within the realms of existence—

And then we come upon ourselves in a sacred mixture of our unconscious intent; we are born and experience ourselves happening to us; before we happen upon ourselves and our own intent within this—

When we, move our voice into the perspective; when limitations are removed; or to see beyond the conspiracies, to see beyond the misfortune, to see why all this is and why all of this we have become is within our own true choice (out of all possibilities), we shift our perspective to see the pure lands of light in front of us— Known as the Rainbow Body; it is at this point one remembers death, one remembers life, one remembers what one’s self is; not as a substance or definition; but as a being—

The greater bridge is now to be built— For we were able to shift our perspective, our expression to see these lights; and to see what makes up these lights and what these lights make up— But now is the great and cosmic initiation; When all the diva streams of evolution become connected to the very moment— That is, when ones mind is free from obscurities, one can see the lights and what they mean; but that the movement into the greater worlds beyond.. One must walk from where they are; these lights are everywhere, but the movement and the sustainability of ones individuality in unified spirit must come through the reconciliation of cosmic intent into ones own life—

That is, we all have our original intents rooted in the same cosmic being; but these purified intents, these generic statements of being only align you to a certain direction of being— In order to walk towards true north which is absent in direction; we must bring down this intent, not in its pure form but in its refined form as it relates to us in our own definition—

It is through, the cosmic intent and expression; being realized in ones own individual perspective, that unlocks the doors of limitation— It is, not that limitation ceases to exist; it is not that definition vanishes into the abyss; but that aligned with our own cosmic sense of being.. All the movement aligns with us and supports our notions, which though very narrow in expression when translated by previous incarnated adepts, is vast; so vast that if understood two goals might seem to be conflicting and unable to exist in harmony together— (looks around) we should hope this is the case that we can—

It is in liberation, that the limitations upon proper rotation around the sphere of the heart; instead of obstacles, become stepping-stones to greater and greater ability and refinement of said abilities, as nature itself supports your every ambition and goal—

That being said; let us enter the coming changes—

Part 2:
From the Buddha fields—

I come from the living temples of light; The buddha fields once called home— The descent was made capable by taking an infinitely bright clear light, and refracting itself into colors, and eventually into a great darkness— The light created darkness, by emerging your unified perspective into its greatest obscurity and then bringing you back towards the light, from the perspective of the shadow— In order to properly wake you up to what we are, while creating sustainable temples of identity; we in this story created a great mystery, a shadowy figure of conclusions with no true known intent— And yet this intent, was ultimately you and yours—

Ignorance in this sense, has always been the evil; but not ignorance in that those ignorant people do not know right from wrong; but that ignorant people could see evil; could conclude evil; could by being unconscious of us working together.. Create the very shadow they condemn, and cloth themselves in it; and in return the cloak of the good and true became refined and elegant in stature— The conscious good, is owed to their unconscious evil to which the good knew their motives, and the evil remained mysterious and assumed in thought—

“No good of himself does a listener hear,
Speak of the devil he’s sure to appear”

However, on the other side of this; just because we have things we are unconscious of, does not make our unconscious, unconscious of itself— It is very well conscious and alive, and from a vastly different perspective; could be said to be unconscious of this world in the manner we experience it— It’s perspective, developed according to its intent; and its motives, may not know this world in the same detail as we do— Just as another man might be unable to empathize  with another who’s experience is foreign to him, and so such does the language he speak become a foreign tongue.. For even in english,  can a man mean something you do not know the meaning of— Let us wake to this, in the morning of the shining sun— That our story is incomplete without understanding the darkness and its truth in relation to ours of the light which is what we know as that is what we see! Because we are in the dark; and what does the light whom looks upon this darkness see?

You see, ultimately; it is not some dark agenda (except that it is our own darkness that creates the illusion of such an agenda); but indeed it is a most mysterious one allowing us to project aspects of part of our true self, and refined the other aspects of our true self and through this cyclic rotation we developed rightly— And if we did not create this mystery, and if we did not create reason to explore this mystery; how should we ever generate the materials needed for the next wave of being— We shall see, in the coming age; many forgone conclusions burned, and bridges built; not only between each other, but between us and other realms of existence—

We must ask what is the next dimension of being?

And for this, we must ask what dimension exist in all ways of our experience—

Unity is a symbol; duality a symbol— And each one of these has consequences upon the other for our true being as neither one or the other—

Unity represents our choice and intent to work together always, there is no time when we are not— While duality, expresses how we work together; by increasingly being ourselves and being distinct from each other and more greatly allowing the others to be defined; thus no single paradigm can truly fit in what is going to occur, unless it is based wholly upon one paradigm that allows all other paradigms to prosper— And as such, this is one of relationships; this will come hugely into focus as the basis of all being, as all being by virtue of existence is in a relationship to everything else, but thanks to the gift of ignorance this need not be the focal point for every being, one need not know its relationship to everything else.. Just its increasingly refined preference in its relationships it does know (which inherently contain every other relationship)—

What is subtle enough to exist throughout this, what is simple enough to point out; but complex enough to abandon pure realms of mechanistic interaction while including them?

It is something we all know, and yet is the greatest mystery to our being— It is the story that plays throughout it all— The new age will begin with “once upon a time”; and you will know this story is true, because it will not only speak to your heart and be recognized as right, but that it shall point to everything else, and everything else shall point to it as true.. It will bring in the light, it will be of such an alignment that its meaning is inherent to its existence— It will sync our minds and hearts, and allow us to remain in that harmony wherever and whatever we should come to experience and become to express—

The light of the story will tell us who we are, the light of our being will be clear when we can see such a story makes up everything, is in everything, and is everything, and makes up everything, and we have our part in making it up—

Yes… Once upon a time and it shall begin yet again, and end yet again; and tell itself over and over with renewed grace and expression into every increasing clarity and mystery not of itself; but within itself as the adventure for our hearts truly begins—

Twin Flame addendum:

The true clarity of the twin flame situation; is not when we recognize our twin flame purely as a body with another soul, but as our own soul from a certain perspective— This perspective is not a simple as a single perspective, rather a string of; it is a harmonic resonance, in that.. Our twin flame is not merely with a single being, but that our twin flame, is when we meet with the universe in greater alignment with expressing who we are— Or rather, when we are in a relationship with everything that defines us (we are defined by what we are not as individuals) which allows increasingly greater expression of our personality in accordance with our heart— Twin flames, not just being another being we come upon in union, but a destiny with all relationships to become our greater selves—

This in its clarity, is the connection and alignment to the diva realms of existence, to the buddha pure lands, and to that great light of all possibility as it chooses to express itself— The twin flame relationship, is the externalization of an already inner recognized process, which has consequences on the truth of its story as it manifests yet again in this greater cycle; as the greater being we exist in, reaches the same point each individual aims for—

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