As I become that light you seek–


The harmony of the spheres in realization, is the precise gateway between sound and vision, as well as mind and body in effect–
It is to recognize your vision to be the same thing you are hearing, and hearing to be the same thing you are seeing; and that the other senses are merely refined ratios in harmony twisted upon the ratio of orbital passage ways of all celestial being.

It is not only to realize your perception as living music, but to realize yourself as part of the song, and to see exactly what note you play, which can be shifted upon its string and expanded in resonance.

As a cross between mind and body, it is specifically the realization of one’s own soul in shape, after realization of its primordial emptiness; in that when you listen to your own soul, when you come upon a range greater than yourself in perception, it must begin to reoccur within ones self as a manifestation of thought. It is in a sense manifesting the perfect mirror within oneself, but capable of resonating within and without allowing one to shatter the mirror by recursion of reflection and allowing the invisible light of perception to glow beyond the borders of division and into the coherent vision of a singularity. By creating more light to shine upon than there is to be shined upon, bringing in a greater dance that extends beyond the sense of self.

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