5 Nations


There are 5 nations; each nation has some leading body, be it council or king– If one of the leading bodies dies, the other leading bodies die– The personality of the leading body, reflects that of the body it leads; the quality of life of its followers, directly affect the quality of life of its leaders; however, the quality of life of its leaders, also directly affects the quality of life of its followers– Within this, there is an aspect of nature that is not governed by nations; it is called nature; nature is led by 5 other nations seemingly disconnect from the world of these 5 nations; or appear to these 5 nations as nature, just as these 5 nations appear to the other 5 nations as nature–

The prosperity of 5 nations is dependent upon the prosperity of the other 5 nations; even if these 5 nations only know each other in forms they do not recognize as another 5 nations–

As any one of the 5 nations change in balance and quality, so to does the nature that the other 5 must balance with; and as they change, so to must the 5 nations reflect the change in balance–

A leader of a nation, may be served by the entire nation in order to assure a quality life; which affects the personality of the leader to govern in ways that bring greater quality to each individuals part in the collective; and yet, allowing each individual to increasingly increase the quality of serving the leader– A perpetual fountain–

A leader, may serve the nations quality of life; and find their quality of life naturally increasing in quality by seeming synchronicity; the same fountain principle in a different form and definition–

A council may find it the same way; and yet the counsel might be more diverse in its expression of personality in relation to its nation; conflicts may be more expressed between them, but if it were a singular leader, these conflicts would be something of its own conscience and not outwardly manifested in the same manner–

A major change in the counsel; will make a major change in the nation– A major change in the nation, will create a major change in the way the nations must cooperatively relate if such is the chosen way, or becomes the chosen way– this would affect their relationship with nature; which on the flip side, is natures relationship to the other 5 nations; the other 5 nations would have to change their relationship to nature, which in effect is nature changing their relationship to the changing relations within the nations–

A change in any nation; is essentially a change in relation to another; from general attitude, to direct exchanges and diplomacy– Every change in each nation, is reflected in the other nation; and each change in each nation is reflected in the nations relations to each other; and each change in each relations to each other, is reflected in their balance with nature, and each change in the balance of nature, is reflected as a change, in the relations between the other 5 nations; and each change between the other 5 nations relations, are reflective of the a change in each of the 5 nations– A change in each of the other 5 nations, is reflected in the relationship between the leader and its followers; and a change between the leader and its followers, is reflective of the quality of life of each individual involved; and the quality of life of each individual of life is how they relate to the whole which is reflective of their relationship to all of it, as it is reflected in every relationship–

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