Light circulates by our ability to see all qualities as one–

That is, lets say you have an archetypes of queen and mother– Now, each of these archetypes have qualities that relate to their role specifically, the closer we place them to each other, the more so they can interfere with each other–

What do I mean by this? I mean, the moment the queen and mother become one thing; each of the qualities might diminish the circulation of light that expresses themselves– The queen might be too busy governing to pay enough attention to her child, or her child might be sickly depressed, causing the queen to make rash decisions during war time that weren’t well thought through–

You see, as we unite all things in clarity; the circulation is what allows all things to be expressed within that clarity, where as the inability to circulate causes disturbances between all the qualities involved–

In lack of circulation; the qualities interfere with each other; but when the circulation increases, the qualities lend to each other giving each one more than it is on its own–

Some of this can be pointed out in the very same example– Like, the queen can take care of her son with unrivaled support and the best quality of things, where as her child reminds her of the raw condition of human emotions that exists through out the land she rules and the grace to show compassion for it–