Rose flame


In the holy of holies; where the heart meets its reflection, and where ones own intent is seen in its collective counter part; there stands a flame made of chaos and harmony–

At a later point; when we have refined the qualities of existence into our different counter parts; we recreate this flame in the gross substance of our existence, from the subtle– This, rose red flame; dances within us, upholding the qualities of the other that makes sense of our own unique existence–

That is, fear itself becomes a body that lives within us, and has its own “measurements” within us; its own texture, and its own breath– And as we uncover this fear, and uncover our wound; we re-clothe/reveal it with heaven and its healing– And you find yourself in union with this counterpart in experience– It exists within you, without you, of you, and you of it–

the “other” structure emerges in front of us; as a part of our experience, and though we have clothed it with qualities we have refined; it moves in a manner that is, rather than clear to us; is clarifying to us–