The vital organs of perception.


When we have reached enough conscious expanse; our rational voices dissolve into their origin, as to see the psychic organs each rational emerges from and how it comes into shape– This conversation is always going on between them, however we tend to experience the form of the conclusion, and not their arising from our organs–

These organs are bound to us, like our physical organs are bound to us– A change in these psychic organs is a change in our physical organs, and change in our perception–

When we have refined the organs into a transmutable substance; we will find these aspects illuminated with colors, shaped in accordance to their relationship with everything else; and yet not definite in shape or color; which are also properties of how they relate to the whole–

This, is the greater rainbow body– As when we can access this level of organs, and clear out the entanglements that keep them arranged in the manner they are, and dependent upon that ecosystem to express themselves; then we can, without changing the basic essence of what each of these organs are, change the way they relate–

Changing the way they relate; is also changing the way they perceive; changing the way we perceive changes the way they come into form; changing the way they come into form, by changing the way we perceive that form; changes the nature of the physical reality experience; thus being what we would put on par with “thee light body”


As these organs are, reintroduced to each other in new ways; We can no longer depend on their form in order to know them; and thus, a new conscious shape emerges that coherently represents the heart, and makes sure all organs are represented within the shape of this heart– The organs are then dissolved into–

That is, the conscious symbol of the heart (which truly joins together these organs into an experience that represents them in a higher quality and clarity; the conscious symbol can then ride the unconscious waves uninhibited by them in the conscious intent (able to weave the unconscious into the conscious, without breaking the coherent sense of the conscious)–


Let us say you wake up in a manner that; allows you to consciously imagine everything you are experiencing (that is, you imagine what you experience; and you experience what you imagine); unless your imagination is perfectly lined up with your own cosmic intent, we will not be able to sustain that state, as we are unable to truly project our own condition beyond the substance we have purified– But that we have successfully cleared the horizon of our being, can we begin to make conscious a greater horizon; which only further clarifies the horizon we have known–

That is, unless you have something; which gives you a context from which to project, that is aligned with all qualities involved; there will be an inability for our conscious projections to align with circumstance as it falls–