The greater rainbow body; is by the tone and the light of the soul-— That is, your soul or that which weaves your perception into a coherent being; has a tone that brings to shape its original geometric relationship-—

That tone, geometry, propagates your mental patterns which alters your perception (much like any understanding alters perception) working just below our conscious thoughts (or giving form to our thoughts, but the thoughts veiling its form); the work to bring it into formation in expression of itself (to bring that underlying form into manifested form)– in that way it is not limited in what understandings it can manifest; yet does govern those understandings in relation to everything that exists in this higher relationship, or collective mental relationship-—

When that tone is propagated through out your being, eventually the tone itself is witnessed in physical arrangement– This brings, light and sound together; and this affects all sensation— A transcendent geometry emerges in front of you (transcendent as in, in all of it, but hidden by all of it) as a rainbow of expression (shimmering).. dissolving the boundaries between the subjective and the objective in a purified manner; purified compared to this event occurring through out your life, creating hallucinogenic experiences or high strangeness in unfolding events often as barely noticeable coincidences.. that is, experiences that appear objective but are only experienced by you or experienced by a group of individuals and collectively denied; purified meaning it moves through being refined enough to be expressed in the objective reality— Projection into the universe-—

This pattern is moving through itself repeatedly, the idea of the light body in its transcendent manifestation; is to bring this pattern into manifestation as it arises through itself so that, the self that is can be recognized beyond the self that is identified with as a mere physical body–

To be clear, if I say this tone is transcendent of a physical body.. Then identifying purely with a geometric pattern, while less confining than the human body for sure.. We must not forget about what brings in the light– Let us point to this about the subject; If the sound is the geometry that governs the movement of the physical body, the light is the meaning of that movement– We may say that the light plays a role in giving definition, but at the same time we can say that the tone plays a role in giving the light meaning– There is something just beyond the horizon, that is not about the physical nature of our being or the definite experience and manifestations; but that we should come to find that such can be so fully expressed within this definite experience and manifestation–

Deeper on the interaction of self–


The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy, instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate.

Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.
{Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?. p. 67.}

Perhaps this is just the rationalization of understanding geometric shapes that exist in greater dimensions passing through our sliver of reality— Causing a linear experience of a non-linear issue, that ultimately causes the struggle to appear one way, and causes all those who struggle with it, to self propagate the placement of the shapes as they move in and out of our sliver; by allowing it even greater clarity and definition in the manner it has been manifesting— If these shapes must pass through our reality, and must be increasingly defined; then the manner of transmutation is by accepting the shape as it passes through and allowing it to come in a greater quality formation then the manner it appeared to before.. but perhaps this cannot be done until enough definition is manifested in order to be transmuted and dealt with— Giving the rational expression of root issues emerging from it, allowing us to rotate the shape as it passes through, and find a new pathway within the linear reality and the shifting of the sands of time—

“Fuck Hate” – As a Lover of Peace, you must make Friendship with Hate.
(Is not that what Peace would want from us? 🙂 )

Understand it, and realize it stems from everything (every scenario) 🙂

The transmutation of hate and voilence, is in the manner of placing it within our own desires— Many of these occurences; is a confused issue— In that, some people desire voilence and hate; but that they must rationalize it in this world in order to have it— Then there are others who do not desire war or such, but find it as necessity in the means to an end— With these two vital points, though there are more— It distorts the intentions, which obscures the choices; causing a disharmony in arranged experience— When the intentions are aligned with all their actions, then a clarity and harmonic existence can emerge— Peace can contain all these things, but that peace requires a quality of order, that allows one to rhyme with it in their own higher quality experience—

In this, we can place that the higher frequency is the amount of choices that are aligned with our soul intention, which may not be a conscious thing— But that it can be compared to, how many of our choices actually reflect the goal trying to be obtained— If you are attempting to have war in order to find less voilence, this is not as a high of a reflection as finding non-voilence through non-voilent means— The quality of expression is higher, even though both may find their goal met, the sustainability, the quality, the form is different—

Closer to the personal self; if one has a specific message they want to convey, then every word they choose that is relevant to that message; makes the message clearer; but every time they stray from the tended goal, they create an obscurity within that quality— I am not saying the issues are as simple as this, but that it allows us to understand the idea a bit more clearly—

Also in that, the higher frequency places you in a geometric relationship that does not distort your expression— In this sense, every emotion, every choice, every part of your being becomes increasingly aligned with your own spirit; but that, to find yourself in these shapes, in these positions that better reflect yourself into reality.. that others must find their place as well.. making this a collective movement rather than simply ones own movement, which can find itself in the right spots at the right time.. creating moments of high frequency existence, but unable to sustain it— Giving the appearence of lessons to be learned—

Beating heart–

Upon the heart of your perspective is the disturbance of your origin; in that, in order to understand a linear existence in a non-linear reality there must come a distortion, a first when there is only simultaneous—

Imagine if you will the truth being a circle, but in order to understand the circle in a linear reality; you must understand which quarter came first, and the consequence of which one appears to be first in your perspective, directly effects all the consequences after that— However, because each quarter simultaneously exists, any one of them can be seen as the first.. and thus any of four major consequences can arise, and depending on further extrapolation of our perspective take on many different forms in consequence—

The hopping of timelines is in this manner, a shifting of perspective upon your own unique pattern; and this can be very potent— It is in effect, the very same nature when you shift perspectives upon something in your reality.. whether you choose to look at the glass half empty or half full, or shift your perspective to the otherside of a wall— It can be as simple as changing the circumstances you are already aware of in terms of context, to apparently changing the nature of reality you are facing—

If you shift timelines in a physical manner, there is a balancing out; not everyone is experiencing reality in the same physical manner that you are, and so a major change in the shift must balance itself out to reunite with the other time lines in a manner that upholds your perspective the best it can— If you shift in a mental manner, you simply change your physical orientation to how you were already relating to reality—
As you ascend, you will rotate upon these spheres of your central being that beats your very heart, and sometimes radically change what appears to be the context of your situation—

I will put it bluntly; none of what is said in the spiritual groups is in some great light true, but that they help us in this dim light to orientate ourselves to that future arising.. In this sense, it is to a certain point for most, beyond their imagination to imagine, because their imagination is corrupted by preconceived notions of reality and unable to imagine things that have never known could be imagined— 

The issue of reconciling the distortion, is not yours alone; for it also exists in displacement of our collective being, which is why exactly we have different time lines in the first place—

It is not a matter that, these timelines must reconcile themselves into a certain realm of being, which is like a symbol for what is ahead; but the highest capability of what collectively we can imagine ahead; but that we are already in one realm, but in order to better interact with each other and our perspectives.. The exact linear truth or the hidden bloodline must be revealed in the collective manner to align our personal heart beat to the cosmic one— 

And then, if one can understand what I mean there; one must bring it to the point of a living heart beat, that it Is not a matter of what happened in our past to bring us to our future, but how we can orientate ourselves to that ever changing being that is simultaneously all things, while choosing what itself is in any moment—