False Twin Flames and The Order Of Being


To clear the confusion of false twin flames; and the issues occurring now—

Your twin flame, is not a body; It is a soul— A soul in its essence, is not composed of form which is its expression; but it is a perception that in its perfection will exemplify certain transcendent qualities; these transcendent qualities, are however not so much its own; but its true unique mix of them—
However, you are born in conditions that hamper these qualities; these qualities would only be known the more you know liberation to be those qualities without preconceived notions of how to exist; AND yet, we can reach preconceived notions and conditions which better embody these qualities without liberation—

It is in this that we should understand, that our soul which experiences itself through form; is not attracted to any form in it of itself, but the qualities that form represents or illuminates— And because we are not in freeing conditions; we should understand that, anyone regardless of their soul being our twin flame or not; can under the right conditions, embody the qualities of our soul attraction— They however, are not in alignment to sustain these qualities, because that is not them; in a sense they were forced into this embodiment; this certain frequency of being— Which in its transcendent essence is your twin flame, but that the body and perspective is incapable of maintaining the incarnation of your twin flame for the duration of eternity— And as such, many bodies pass through the qualities of other souls while on the road to the perfection that is their own—

The issue here, is that we are like typing gibberish; and every once in a while; we type something close to a word we recognize; now if we developed rules to our gibberish, trying to define our words into sensible things, one might develop a consistent string of words that appear to you recognizable but to which the typer has meant something entirely different, not parallel to your thinking— Thus, when you are reading the words and trying to communicate; there will be inconsistencies or things that just don’t quite add up to an actual conversation going on—

Much of this has to deal with the fact that we have been constricted to a certain set of expressions in our daily life; and this is also why twin flames appear rare, or rarely bother to incarnate simultaneously (though there are also many other reasons), or will incarnate in a taboo manner in which no true romance can take place; and yet even this work is important as it gives us an ability to refine ourselves at more subtle levels in our soul—

The order of relations here, creates much fools gold; while simultaneously as we move into this new order of relationships in spirit; the desire, the interest, and intensity of it all arises— This is all with divine purpose—

But it also means, that your twin flame on earth; may be the unconscious aspect of your true twin flame (to which he is not aware of being at that time), and thus no union is truly taking place… but the karmic lessons involved still do— In this sense, there is no such thing as a false twin flame, but there is a mistaken understanding of what your twin flame really is— It is at this point that its worth remembering, that if you are not truly in union; and only symptoms occur.. Than such is merely a guidance towards the divine; and that those people you thought to be your flame, even if they appear to be it in agreement and as a constructed truth; that the awakening did not occur—

Because, this is not an individual awakening; though individuals awaken— It is an awakening as a greater entity that you are; it is an entirely different experience than, an individual awakening— It is a marriage, and an awaking of a single entity as two different perspectives within a greater entity of which is the same—

Twin Flames And Karma


Imagine you and your twin flame are the only thing in existence; you and your thoughts, them and theirs— In clarity, your thoughts are actually their body from another multidimensional perspective, and your body their thoughts in another perspective—

Doing this, and becoming unaware of it; certain factors developed— That is, because the way we thought affected their body, our thoughts became knowledge based; the deeper and more expansive this knowledge became, the more mechanistic and unconscious did our behavior become as it stabilized into a karmic world of cyclic development of response and reaction  in shape—

Another way to think of this, is imagine two entities who shape everything around them in this way; by the time they develop perception, or more precisely a world stable enough to be perceived and interacted with as objects; by the time they come to understand anything they are dealing with; they have become unconscious of their true power in their relationships together, that is.. By the time they create enough forms to even relate to each other, they don’t know who they really are to be related to— This is the point we are at now; however by sheer design is such a thing able to be translated as intelligent— Because, each one defined the other; if one realizes what is going on, two paths lay ahead for them—We must understand, that if one clears away their karma, which is all the unconscious perspective based upon the circumstances that are narrow in appearance; they are still bound by the others actions, and this is dharma (or the collective limitations); that is, it turns from simple cause and effect to consequences of blooming expression—

The first of two paths; is to misunderstand the design as needing to be understood by all— This is the spiritual path as we know it, and in this sense; the other person will create a design so that the other person can come to know it and they can create together; this is the recurring cataclysm in our past; that each time we try to do this.. We do not realize that once we are that free, we will have to reach this understanding of each other yet again if we wish to deal with each other where we exist— This is the road of a great death, however it is as simple as the other one wanting to let them know the truth of the matter, but the moment they share that same truth; SPLAT! They no longer have two different perspectives to exist as—

The second of two paths; is yin and yang, or positive space and negative space— This inherent design has a beauty beyond intelligence, but to which condensed itself into what we know was intelligence today— If one truly learned what it is that is going on, option two opens up— And that is, the more one became positive space, the more the other could become negative space; the more one became brighter, the more the other one could become darker in comparison— It is in this secret, that we might understand; that the true nature of waking others up, and joining in greater union.. Is not simply trying to wake others up to the mechanical perception of design, but to become increasingly more yourself, to become radically who you are ever more so—

Why? Because the more your actions becomes who you are inside, the more your body which is someone else’s thoughts allow them to think as themselves and encourage action to be themselves; and this is the great resonance; the feedback loop of increasing self— The more you act like you truly think, the more one understands you and themselves in response, and the more you understand them and act more yourself in response— It no longer becomes about unconscious or conscious reaction and action, but about one being out of these two becoming more themselves; forces the other to become themselves—

The true situation is of course a bit more complicated than this, but in its simplicity this is what I can boil it down to—

Purification of the soul–


The process of purifying the soul as an arduous feat, but when destined inescapable; is not an intangible process, but one that affects every fiber of your existence— And yet, how should we quantify such a thing? How can such ever be measured? It is really though complex in its nature, simple in theory— When we, place pressure upon our attention; giving form to the diamond body, we come under siege by a barrage of pressure against us— But in this pressure, by sheer will; we expose our deepest qualities inherent to our personality and in this emerges a personal set of symbols— This personal set of symbols, when well aligned with nature contain in them not only the collective history of our being, but our personal connection to that collective history in that the symbols from the outer edges mean something collective, and in their most potent and transcendent form (that quality that is inherent to every perception upon it) a very personal and direct meaning with no mistaking it— You will need no symbolic dictionary, the personal symbol is vitalized by its true recognition in a personal way as well as charged by its carriage through the oceans of consciousness currents—

And yet, the diamond body is only a perfected representation of the truth of the matter— The manifestation of the diamond body, or the star; begins to appear in everyday mundane synchronicity that become illuminated by an unfolding story at hand— This story is so very personal, this story contains everyone in it and they will not even be conscious of this; this is still an inward light— But then we must ask, how to become a star? How do we shine brightly forth from our crystal form and become the light we learned to reflect and refract? And so, the work of dreams comes into play— For we had been on a parallel adventure, we have become very aware of at this point, but to which is still somewhat disconnected from the world as we awake— Why do I forget it all? And it is that the labyrinth which in its purest pattern is a direct current of will; has become a maze of karmic of lessons, sharp turns and hidden passageways—

And yet, through these personal symbols; will you at the right time come to find that, these symbols in their personal mythology; carried by the currents of the collective, exist in the highly subjective of which are intrinsically linked— That is, your personal myth or story, becomes capable of sprouting itself into a personal realm of existence; where by upon the true recognition of yourself and your imagination; may you wake up in your dreams by identifying the story of these symbols in relation to your waking life.. And suddenly, remember— That is right; the personality becomes completely coherent, no longer fragmented in experience with different aspects of self experienced as separate beings; but a fully cognitive being working together as a complete whole—

It is waking up in our dreams, that we can through the correct identification of the subjective realm in relation to the objective realm.. Bridge the gap between real and unreal; between reality and fantasy, and begin to reap the rewards as a celestial being, by bringing greater manifestations into the objective realm from perfected imaginings in the subjective—

Dreamweaver, storyteller; artist of the highest degree—

Twin Flame Union–


If you recognized the interconnection of everything; you would realize, that the perfected imagination is not what you choose as a perfect imagining, but those choices that are perfect for each individual as they appear from a personal perspective— Thus you are fragmented from the objective realm of collective expression of choices by the subjective realm where the quality of imaginings are distorted by your inability to make everyone’s true choice from each individual angle—

Why do I say this; because your twin flame, is that one whose entrance into your subjective world, is by the perfect matching of choices; that is, it is the supreme unconditional love coming into fruition into the conditional— It is the ultimate in conditions— And it is not guided by your ability to imagine in forms, but surpassed by its ability to emerge from the qualities those forms were meant to represent—

When you are in this supreme union; and fuck labels that is not where I am coming from— What you perceived to be your own choice in imagination becomes an extension of your cognitive abilities to know perfectly what your flame is doing, if you imagined her touching you; such would be true—

This orientates your imagination in a new way, a new rotation upon itself; a greater and greater climbing— That is, as you realize what is true, and the ultimate form of yourself as the imagined, and the imagination of all; so to your freedom to imagine beyond yourself those things that come within your power to manifest—

That is, as you begin this new alignment; you join into an even greater union with manifested reality, where your imagination begins expanding beyond yourself, and those whom we in collective agreement support in this union will gain greater and greater power to help the world in a beneficial way according to its collective intent and manifest greater fruition of agreement and experience—

This is a personal and collective movement that is opening now—

KRS-One on god–


This woman right here, I choose with my perception to see her as god; This is an ancient African technique, God was never outside of your perception– god was never outside of what you thought, that’s why western man came and said there is no god they are just making it up! RIGHT! But god is the greatest human invention in human history– And the reasons being, the reason Africans created god, was so that humanity in its infinity, would never run out of something to rise to– This is why god exists, if you don’t have god you don’t rise; there is nothing human about technology, sorry! there is nothing human about it; and this what I want to say in terms of your spirit, what can you see? this is god to me, and I respect her and treat her just like that– Thats my perception of her, now she can do something to break that perception, she can do something to enhance it, mmh– What if she knew that I thought she was god? then there is something in her that will try to live up to the image I see of her, there will be something in her that she will at least either have to deny god, or become–

This is how we as a community treated each other, if there is no god; then we are not family– The only way we can be brothers or sisters is if we have the same parent– Think.. We cannot call ourselves brothers or sisters, if we do not have the same mother or father– When we god is the eternal mother, we all become brothers and sisters, when we all say yes; I am part of this IDEA called god; not this separate man in the sky, not even a separate spirit– Lets just make this idea up right now, ain’t no body tell our ancestors what god was–


Chatter on the feed–


excerpt of my writing talking about what I directly am speaking about here—

“When one sufficiently illuminates their own mind, their entire thought structure and mythological out look becomes available to them through the third eye or by envisioning the relationships between all perspectives in their outlook, creating a series of structures that are arranged according to their relationship with the current perspective—”

Because, at the higher levels of interdimensional illumination; even though in construct can be understood in geometric principles, the ability to ascribe their position in resonance within the angle upon itself each time in front of us, moves away from being determinable by simple extrapolation; the old occult methods while still applicable and important, become obsolete in a certain manner (transcended)—

It at this point, that I should say the study gets more interesting, because simple cause and effect cannot describe the relationships and movements of vortices that move through everything (rather than a definable flow so to speak in the lower structures which appear as vortices)— One must obtain a personal myth or story which allows one to properly designate the mental structures at the highest level in harmonic formation in relation to each other—

That is when one has moved outward in causal science, one must after the fixed stars are reached, move back in upon itself; and this movement is already there within everything that was causally understood and so cannot be attributed to known shapes and forces, nor any specific thing as it moves through these things itself; in this sense, we must understand the motivation and intent of the spirit moving through the geometric structures that can be witnessed and the overall purpose of the unpredictable as well as predictable forces—

In this sense a divine story must emerge, so that one can align and relate to themselves as higher consciousness—

This story is personal, but is also if refined, very potent; it allows one to share this story, and align other beings to their greater self we share— Some people have seen this in effect as the astral pyramid scheme (which is the same act, not achieving the same heights), and though to some effect this can be reached in lower methods, they are before they complete themselves a cosmic individual still subject to magnetic currents of greater invisible structures and so really while appearing to have mastered a manipulative tactic, have really been played by their own unconscious self—‘

At this point someone interjects and this is silent to you, but my response follows– 

Meaning is important, because it truly recalls our intent; many of us aren’t conscious of this, and thus things like orgasms or culmination points which occur for all of us become important to exploit, or tap into—

However, when the meaning is cosmic, that is; when one understands in principles aligned with the story of the whole, the meaning you ascribe to things becomes more potent, because it is alignment with your true will which is part of the cosmic will—

Your true will in this sense, cannot be known simply having a will based on your current context, for your current context is not great enough to have that much of an effect, and thus we call on higher beings and such for more effect; whereas being aligned with your will in a cosmic context, brings you closer into alignment with what such beings are already doing—

Further, the cause of death is because you don’t understand your will beyond a human context; thus when your perception fragments in a way where you don’t truly understand your intent, you find yourself rebirthed at the next point the pieces are arranged in that order of agreement that comprises you—

Deeper on this, the approach of the greater will is like a rotation of story (if we consider mechanics an aspect of the story), the greater the personal story is understood; the more influence it has in a sense of will, and also that this is a rotation upon itself so that what your true will is actually is obscured by your current view, the next view might be entirely different, but one will understand how the old view was important in work to the new view—

Mundane views, give mundane form so to speak— If you have the perspective of a human, your life will be very human; you will be subject to the human limitations, which may evolve or change, but so to will your human view within the human range—

Anyways; if you have an internal and external view, that is an inner and an outer division; you inherently limit the interaction between the two— You have two different constructs, because you require two different ways of approach to sustain understanding a single thing— The transcendent dynamics which allow them to work as one are missing— Part of the issue of bringing down information to others, is that I no longer have that view, and so I have to translate it in distorted terms— However, there is something actually really quite nice about such a view; and that is, the ability to refine things, the ability to create a greater system of understanding in a certain perspective—

That is, when things expand in nature in a limited range, they contract in principle— When you expand your perspective, it contracts into knowledge— When you contract in principle, you expand in perspective— This is sort of a bend in reality going on at the moment; and is part of the secret of vibration and the fountain of youth—

Now, this is important if we talk about A:.A:. 9°=2 degree

“The Magus seeks to attain Wisdom, declares his law, and is a Master of all Magick in its greatest and highest sense. His will is entirely free from internal diversion or external opposition; His work is to create a new Universe in accordance with his Will. This grade corresponds to Chokmah on the Tree of Life. It also bears some resemblance to Nietzsche’s “new philosopher” who creates values, although with more focus on self-transcendence according to Crowley biographer Lawrence Sutin.[30]”

This is the development of a new perspective, that is; it casts a new light upon everything, and this creates a new manifestation in your personal view, and the work is to refine it into accordance with the world in front of you— That is, you discover your will that is capable of holding everything already in existence, and then you create the new world view in a manner that is coherent with everything IN THIS world; but also, gives birth to a perspective that can be moved to and lived in— In this sense it is living in this exact same world, but living in it in a way that is according to your will that governs the experience of all forms— Thus you create a new land in hallow earth so to speak—

In Ipsissimus 10°=1 of A:.A:.; it switches entirely in approach and fans the flame of your new universe into manifestation of this one increasingly so— So really this degree discussing something already going on in previous degrees, but becomes an entirely available as conscious work by shifting the approach to its greater and one might say true nature that is inherently corrupted by the light of knowledge itself, but from which all knowledge arises—


well if you are talking about a lens like a camera or the eye; is a wonderful way to approach it; because truly this explains the movement through subtle and gross manifestation— When we are in another world, is simply that we have moved our focus to the peripheral what was gross to us becomes subtle; and the subtle expands to gross— It is like if you met me on the street, I appear to you in one form.. and when you walk away, I do not go away; I do not even truly leave your view, I just simple change form— And in general terms, neither of us know how to deal with each other in that new forms; since we identified with forms, rather than the spirit—

There is also a very specific thing I am leaving out; and that is that when our work is not well done, the expansion of subtle into gross without having gone through its true channels, without having lived yet through that expansion; it becomes distorted— This is an issue with the third eye, and why we get seperate seemingly incoherent stories emerging about the nature of our existence—

Those one’s that come–


There does indeed exist in the most inner sanctum a celestial church, a secret beyond darkness and light comprised of both and  known as emptiness just beyond the horizon of your soul– And yet, you will be hard pressed as a skeptic to find such is the case, because such a thing is also truly imaginary, truly only the links; but never in the things as they appear to be linked, and yet inextricably made of only links–

Such is the manifestation of the stratum of the labyrinth, beneath the fraternity of the sun— From which many men, many known and many unknown descend; through the cosmic impulse of the great central sun behind the hidden moon; and behind the sun as it is known– And only in moments of culmination, does it come so into manifestation in such a conscious manner, to be more than the mere personality and body that one comes to know themselves as; and such one becomes the corner of the room and removes the cobwebs that have gathered, declares a window in which the sun is found facing, and brings new light into the room as it has never yet been seen–

Each one is only aware of the shadows brought upon by the last window from the other corner, and yet all these shadows culminate in a great light; a great revealing as the shadows become real, and the light gives color to the conclusion of the manifested silhouette, bringing youth upon itself by declaring mankind’s heart pure once again–

And yet, the echo of the cosmic pulse which moves through all and brings in a new member of the brotherhood and finds itself refined through the natural adept, is brought rearward through all others as it makes its way back upon the horizon in a conscious manner– You are the cause, and such is the effect; and the effect is to become the cause, and the cause becomes the movement that it should appear as to the profane only slight, but to which the one who moves see’s the greater work to be had, the greater movement being truly made–

It is the brotherhood of light, and the dark sisters; who form the fraternity of the sun and the cosmic womb upon the members comprising the stratum of the labyrinth; like birth the labyrinth is drenched in the blood of conflict and the hope of miracles— In so the members of the labyrinths order, who themselves are the labyrinth wish to escape themselves into the fraternity of the sun, in which is final bastion of hope and unity–

And yet you will not escape. You will not unify, and you will never part. The hope is dim when held to the much greater light on its way; the greater way ahead unknown to both the uninitiated and initiated alike, whose ignorance remain the same in the eyes of becoming.

What is it we are becoming? Such not only truly lays in the imagination of men, but the action impulsed by the imagined; only subject to the quality of the fantasy beheld, and the qualities inherent in the one that should behold it—



In the order of A:.A:.

The work completed in 9°=2□ is a natural unfoldment of one’s own self and one’s own ability to extend the principles of nature into a new realm of self, creating a completely coherent universe that contains all else from a new perspective in accordance to one will—

Hitherto unspoken the work of 10°=1□, which for reasons which become clear upon initiation, is a reserved degree; the work completed in the previous degree, when fanned into an infinite flame of expression, an eternal flame of generation— The Magi becomes a vortex, in which the once personal universe of experience, becomes a source of existence and fans itself into objective manifestation by the hidden way of all, or that which all dimensions are made, and in refinement governs all dimension within itself, understanding the movement of the fixed stars which do not move—

The personal and new universe created by the true Magus, blossoms into the equilibrium of all will in the next degree, by moving according to that which moves through all, without degradation and by which emerges new principles into existence, and new myth into public consciousness—

The difference between one degree and the other, is the difference of approach in of such immensity that the principles applied in the Magus degree are incomparable to the principles of Ipsissimus; and inherently inseparable and found in both—

The way out–


When you look at such a cube, it shifts something in your mind when it switches, and that is your mental sphere— When you change what it is you recognize, you also change all your associations to some degree; that is by doing this you manipulate your mental sphere by what you perceive— Illuminating this mental sphere is the philosopher’s stone–

However, trying to shift dimensions like this just by purely being aware of a new perspective already within your perspective, can cause fragmentation of yourself, as your mental sphere is not equipped to move in directions that move in ways that shatter the mental constructs you have; this causes the old dimension to be basically unreturnable, at least in your old identity-

Thus constructs must be built, that allow for hidden spiral staircases within your perspective, and allows you to walk out of reality safely, which means that these constructs must be stable enough to link to this reality and to another dimension of being–

My writings are conceptual; they build a framework in the mind to begin dealing with a new arrangement of relationships to be worked with— My writings are in vision; my writings when more clearly understood will induce visions in the mind, sometimes gently as if it is your own imaginings, sometimes forcefully as if you could not avoid a conclusion vividly in your mind— My writings are realization; when one understands the concepts, the visions, they will realize what I mean and see it in reality; it will shift your entire perspective to a new reality, with new capabilities and options— Some of these, appear distant from each other, in the sense that it changes the way you look at things within the world of things, but others will directly change your perception so you can see for a moment how to walk out—

Writings, words, and symbols (illuminati doesn’t sound as silly here) shift the mental sphere, just as much as perception does; even though we don’t consider them things; they are moving our attention and sphere of association within the mind; if done properly this directs and guides our perception; this can be used for many purposes, but one of them can be to align to a greater shared construct in which to interact with each other (social and moral structures) that can move in and out of the limited directions we notice (inter dimensional passage ways and wormholes)—

By aligning the perceptions of beings in a certain manner, one can create a rotation between the beings that allows each one to move outside the range of limitation, but must be in harmony with the choices that allow their own choice to be sustained— In this sense it is key to remember that the structures being built, are not things; but forms that represent relationships, and thus in a certain sense in order to establish your own choice beyond the range of options recognized, others must be able to make a choice that allows your own to have ground to walk upon, and by choosing their ground do you become apart of that ground to walk upon–