Light circulates by our ability to see all qualities as one–

That is, lets say you have an archetypes of queen and mother– Now, each of these archetypes have qualities that relate to their role specifically, the closer we place them to each other, the more so they can interfere with each other–

What do I mean by this? I mean, the moment the queen and mother become one thing; each of the qualities might diminish the circulation of light that expresses themselves– The queen might be too busy governing to pay enough attention to her child, or her child might be sickly depressed, causing the queen to make rash decisions during war time that weren’t well thought through–

You see, as we unite all things in clarity; the circulation is what allows all things to be expressed within that clarity, where as the inability to circulate causes disturbances between all the qualities involved–

In lack of circulation; the qualities interfere with each other; but when the circulation increases, the qualities lend to each other giving each one more than it is on its own–

Some of this can be pointed out in the very same example– Like, the queen can take care of her son with unrivaled support and the best quality of things, where as her child reminds her of the raw condition of human emotions that exists through out the land she rules and the grace to show compassion for it–

Rose flame


In the holy of holies; where the heart meets its reflection, and where ones own intent is seen in its collective counter part; there stands a flame made of chaos and harmony–

At a later point; when we have refined the qualities of existence into our different counter parts; we recreate this flame in the gross substance of our existence, from the subtle– This, rose red flame; dances within us, upholding the qualities of the other that makes sense of our own unique existence–

That is, fear itself becomes a body that lives within us, and has its own “measurements” within us; its own texture, and its own breath– And as we uncover this fear, and uncover our wound; we re-clothe/reveal it with heaven and its healing– And you find yourself in union with this counterpart in experience– It exists within you, without you, of you, and you of it–

the “other” structure emerges in front of us; as a part of our experience, and though we have clothed it with qualities we have refined; it moves in a manner that is, rather than clear to us; is clarifying to us–



Each person as an intent, and a dominion so to speak– Our intent, includes others dominions, which means; it is not completely up to our “form” to serve our whole intention; only that function, that allows all else to fall within our intent– This is important, because; if we meditate with the intent to diminish world hunger, or bring peace to that land; we most definitely have an effect, and to some degree can help the world towards such ends.. however, we introduce a limitation in the quality of that arrangement– Because, unless people are brought to their liberated positions which allows them to fully play out their function which supports the whole intent; our lesser intents which may be aimed at our whole intent, is not arranged in a manner that allows it to come into full fruition.. Because, even though this may be the greatest thing that seems to speak to your heart, it is simply the highest expression you may have found to understand that your heart may be spoken to–


The problem with mechanical thinking is that it must lead to a conclusion; a conclusion itself is a veil– What we need, is that order which brings clarity without conclusion; clarity without ending; So that what is in front of us, is like a light with infinite depths, even in the limiting form it expresses itself as–


The merkaba Is important as a gate way– Why? The subtle nature of its spin– In its spin, we should understand that the top of the triangle or pyramid is in its slowest form, or all pervading form– The, base of the triangle or pyramid, even though it is moving in exact accordance with the top, is moving in relation to itself a rate much faster– So we, should understand that the top of the pyramid is the same as the bottom of the pyramid; but refers to its relationship to itself– Right in front of you is both the base of the pyramid as well as the tip of the pyramid; and the extrusion of the pyramid into its full figure, represents a relationship of the base that moves through the tip; and the tip moves through the base– One of these pyramids is cosmic in the sense that it is all as it comes to us– However, the same thing must be done back upon itself– This is what activates the gate, in the sense that; we do not navigate in its full mysterious form; but that we ourselves as a mystery; have an understand that matches the heart beat of the cosmic; and allows us to unfold ourselves into that cosmic aspect–

The merkaba Is important as a gate way– Why? The subtle nature of its spin– In its spin, we should understand that the top of the triangle or pyramid is in its slowest form, or all pervading form– The, base of the triangle or pyramid, even though it is moving in exact accordance with the top, is moving in relation to itself a rate much faster–

So we, should understand that the top of the pyramid is the same as the bottom of the pyramid; but refers to its relationship to itself–

Right in front of you is both the base of the pyramid as well as the tip of the pyramid; and the extrusion of the pyramid into its full figure, represents a relationship of the base that moves through the tip; and the tip moves through the base–

One of these pyramids is cosmic in the sense that it is all as it comes to us– However, the same thing must be done back upon itself– This is what activates the gate, in the sense that; we do not navigate in its full mysterious form; but that we ourselves as a mystery; have an understand that matches the heart beat of the cosmic; and allows us to unfold ourselves into that cosmic aspect–

The vital organs of perception.


When we have reached enough conscious expanse; our rational voices dissolve into their origin, as to see the psychic organs each rational emerges from and how it comes into shape– This conversation is always going on between them, however we tend to experience the form of the conclusion, and not their arising from our organs–

These organs are bound to us, like our physical organs are bound to us– A change in these psychic organs is a change in our physical organs, and change in our perception–

When we have refined the organs into a transmutable substance; we will find these aspects illuminated with colors, shaped in accordance to their relationship with everything else; and yet not definite in shape or color; which are also properties of how they relate to the whole–

This, is the greater rainbow body– As when we can access this level of organs, and clear out the entanglements that keep them arranged in the manner they are, and dependent upon that ecosystem to express themselves; then we can, without changing the basic essence of what each of these organs are, change the way they relate–

Changing the way they relate; is also changing the way they perceive; changing the way we perceive changes the way they come into form; changing the way they come into form, by changing the way we perceive that form; changes the nature of the physical reality experience; thus being what we would put on par with “thee light body”


As these organs are, reintroduced to each other in new ways; We can no longer depend on their form in order to know them; and thus, a new conscious shape emerges that coherently represents the heart, and makes sure all organs are represented within the shape of this heart– The organs are then dissolved into–

That is, the conscious symbol of the heart (which truly joins together these organs into an experience that represents them in a higher quality and clarity; the conscious symbol can then ride the unconscious waves uninhibited by them in the conscious intent (able to weave the unconscious into the conscious, without breaking the coherent sense of the conscious)–


Let us say you wake up in a manner that; allows you to consciously imagine everything you are experiencing (that is, you imagine what you experience; and you experience what you imagine); unless your imagination is perfectly lined up with your own cosmic intent, we will not be able to sustain that state, as we are unable to truly project our own condition beyond the substance we have purified– But that we have successfully cleared the horizon of our being, can we begin to make conscious a greater horizon; which only further clarifies the horizon we have known–

That is, unless you have something; which gives you a context from which to project, that is aligned with all qualities involved; there will be an inability for our conscious projections to align with circumstance as it falls–

Four points of emptiness


There are four voids worth discussing in manifestation–

The first void is the personal void; that inner space of our own thoughts and feelings; manifestation here is very limited in a certain range, but within that range is a great multitude of forms–

The second void is hollow earth; or that collective inner space, where we can see the interconnected workings of the collective and our role to it– The manifestation here is about alignment, and brings our ability to manifest new ways into the collective sphere– Such as the idea of deprograming– The narrative at this level is always collective, and is brought in collectively in the sense that the collective upholds the points to which we align to–

The third void is the inner space of the stars– This is the level of consciousness where the first void, second void; merge into the awareness of the formation of a star– Which means the ability to create things from the mind, using the resources of space as an existence– Star consciousness is still under the rule of the common narrative, in the sense that; we draw from the available substances from the collective narrative to create new arrangements that can begin to be considered new things in it of themselves–

The forth void is the totality of all these voids aligned; and it is, the ability to call in a new narrative, which allows for things to arrange themselves in a manner that is not limited to the collective narrative like above.. However, in this manner the new narrative manifest things in a manner that clarifies the narrative into the collective, that is, because the manifestation at this level does not follow the same rules and principles as nature has previously suggested; a new aspect of reality is brought into greater clarity by virtue of the way it DOES work–

To describe this whole feat in a different manner– Imagine there is a dark room with a pole that lights up in the middle– Whatever color this pole lights up as, illuminates the room in that color– The first void, is that present light visible and understood as illuminating the rest of the room–

The second void; is like being far away from being able to see the pole itself; and yet, being able to “follow” the coloring of the objects to its source light–

the third void; is like that pole does not exist, and yet one understands why the pole comes into form to be considered the source (that is, the visible pole reflects the invisible pole)– This is like being aware of how to change the color of the light, using a hidden seam that is everywhere, and yet nowhere; and yet to everything is somewhere, everywhere; and consequential where it is found–

the forth void is the visible manifestation of the invisible pole, which brings in a new light upon the visible poles; which we experience as conscious clarity–

The fourth void is like four different poles shining four different colors, changing in almost a completely random manner; and then manifesting a 5th pole, whos movement and light clarifies the movement of the four poles, making them no longer random, but understood; from chaos into order–

Narrative speech


The greater we can speak to the true context of the story, the more our language will transcend the limitations of language as we know it– This is partly why, everything brought down from these perfected realms so to speak, do not quite speak the truth; because they only reflect the context to a certain degree, and thus have a certain degree of conscious consequence–

When the words are spoken to our true nature, the whole of the reality around those words form a clarity; as if the words were illuminating everything around it at once– This is also in a sense, allowing people to understand a language even if they have never heard it before–

Now, narrative speech is a certain state; when the words spoken to the story are true, but true to the narrative in a different way; which allows us to move up out of the story as we perceive it and see the words highlight everything around us in a different way; suddenly we can deal with the story in incredibly different manners– This allows us to speak from the narrative, and consciously change the narrative of the story at hand– The moment the speech begins to change back into the substance of the story within the narrative, the correlations of the reality we perceive as it exists also changes back to the story– It is like moving out of the story and into the story without ever having really moved– just perceiving it differently– As the narrative speech is moved away from it is, forgotten in a certain manner like a dream, like that outlook of the narrative is no longer of vital consequence, and yet it is still there carrying everything we know playing out–


Distilling The Dew


So. an arrangement of imaginings which represent certain qualities.. which are imagined in many variations reveal a certain order between them.. like the spectrum of colors as we could better deal with them became clearly relational (in its “blending” and yet “multiplicity); created in several different “layers” which allow this color chart/spectrum to be.. “drained into each other” or collapsed upon each other–

The arrangement of the imagined, collapse the qualities into a distilled form, this distilled form is like a crystal.. It is solid in a certain sense, it is the fullness and emptiness– So, like the quality of the crystal, depends on how many qualities you have truly made conscious and to the degree in which you have made them conscious–

Why does it create the crystal? This crystal being empty and full, then can be seen in any place that is empty and full– However, what we are unconscious of hides what is still in all of it; but this crystal, having been condensed into this everything, but also being a thing within everything.. a thing that is surrounded by that which was not made conscious in it, however, because it is through everything brings it to a glow.. This glow, is the quality of the stone, reflecting itself into the unconscious, infinitely brings everything within itself, and so casts itself upon everything– I suppose this could be called projection.


So, lets say we are distilling youth so to speak– One way this would be done is to, imagine yourself in school– Now, in the grand scheme of things, this school is designed in a manner of continual growing up, but in the relationship of eternal firsts–

That is, your first class? “preschool or kindergarten” Right, then you advance past this, and find something a bit more to learn? but each time, the scale of the medium you realize you are learning in, is in such a manner that you are always still in preschool– That is, you do have this sense of growing up, there is this sense of progression, and yet that progression always stays centered at this eternal stage of the edge of all infinity to learn–

This is a distillation of a cosmic age; or non-linear age; since, we could also ultimately distill this the other way around into “elder”–

Now the idea as I have presented it, may give insight into the quality– however, it is only through realized imaginings of the nature of such a school, that our unconscious forces can be made clear– That is, in all that we are consciously doing, lays all the unconscious formations we are yet unaware of–

This means that as we imagine this school; we find certain formations arising inside of them in relation to each other; these unconscious formations cause the different imagined situations to have a relationship to each other– (like the sun and a sundial, the sun is what we are conscious of, and the shadow from the sundial reveals what we are unconscious of within what we are conscious of) and so these imaginings hold a true relationship to each other within our “elixir fields” we have imagined them in–

When we have sufficiently imagined the quality, so that there is a series of dazzling arrangements held together by invisible directions that can only be clarified by relation to each other, those qualities can be boiled down into a representation of them, that can then again extend itself into any arrangement that those qualities are being pointed to–


To me that is when we have accessed new arrangements of our archetypal being– That is, all of our life could come to us in an entirely new form; but if the forms are in the right relationships to each other, they can uphold the exact same familiarity– Which is what I was talking about above, when we have animated aspects of ourselves, or liberated aspects of ourselves, new memories within memories are revealed– Some people experience this as past lives, but if it is to a greater degree done, it becomes direct experiences, and eventually a living part of you in the moment that extends into all other moments (which might appear as memory)–

Golden threads of a polished vein.


The heart blossoms, in such a manner.. that such there is a rod, or restriction.. or something.. definite of us that can be found– This, though; while our greatest tyranny, is also what allows it to blossom into incredible liberation, from form and definition– But why so in liberation is there tyranny? it is a matter of how we are tied together, and how this liberation of all has a cosmic heart, from which all hearts blossom, which declare the heart as so? So, the very tyranny of that which it governs us is our love–

We become a fixed self, in an unfixed form– Rather then an unfixed self, fixated on forms–

1. A golden thread– There is a golden thread of conversation going on within us, something that we are always in conversation with, or that we are only conversing with and yet at certain times we more consciously do so– The issue with this conversation, is that it takes form in many ways so that each way may appear as totally different from the other– However, as the golden thread is woven, it is akin to illuminating the circumference of ones qualities into a conscious center–

2. Polished veins– The perfected qualities, do not hold all qualities in perfection– Rather, the ability to see these perfected qualities within all qualities gives us a conscious “map” of ourselves, as we move from our polished projections (or perfected experience) into the unconscious realms of further perfection, which is brought back to the polished veins– This allows us to hold ourselves a sort of “tower” of consciousness, while at the same time like a light growing brighter from the tower, bring all within its view–

The golden thread and polished veins work together in conjuncture by creating a unique point of extremes within all things (that is a unique middle path), by circling a sphere one way, declaring the rest of the sphere in relation to it– However, while the golden thread talks about the qualities that our “highest ideal”, the polished veins are the definition of this golden thread that allows the extremes to unite at any given point and be passed like a gate– That is, the golden thread declares the ends of our recognition, the polished veins allows us to pass through that recognition into a greater realm of possible clarity, by allowing us to deal with those qualities in relation to the vein–

Buddha fields


Okay, so lets say you die; and in this death there is something of an end life review– In a lower degree of consciousness.. This might be a linear play through so to speak, or even just a sort of unconscious knowing of of it all–
But in a greater degree of consciousness; the end life review, shows everything side by side in a non-linear fashion–

That is to say, like all our moments can be played side by side in a linear manner.. there are other movements that can bring this totality of experience into a conscious state (experiencing the totality of your life all at once)– This same type of experience might be hinted at through akashic initiations–

So, at this stage; all our qualities in a certain manner is made clear to us; And if we have cleared these qualities to a great degree.. we can find and create new fields of existence with this “conscious map”–

The movement into a buddha field, is like finding a belly button of experience.. that places you into a physical birth of perception, in the place that not only serves your highest good, but the totality of the fields highest good–
When this occurs in a more conscious manner; It is like consciously being able to see all the life times you can have within that field; however as you get towards this greater good, the qualities you are conscious of become more definite and realized in a certain manner.. this certain manner, provides you with a conscious birth that absolutely assures your awareness that this is the best series of relationships.. in the sense that.. even though in a certain manner, you become ignorant or unconscious of all these different manners that could of been.. you also by being so conscious of the qualities that give form to it stay aware that this experience represents those qualities in the highest formation possible in this field–

The highest good I speak of, is very different from any of our ideals of what good is; it is not a sense of morality, but a clarity of expression–Those of us though, who are grounding the quality and energy of a certain field however, may have to bring it into this realm in a set of fixed principles or laws in order to begin weaving its nature here more clearly.. however, the rules or ideals themselves as they come presented to us here, are further unconscious qualities yet to be made conscious (increasingly allowing us to move away from a fixed definite of order of relationships in terms of purely objectivity)–



When we move into the extremes of duality; the duality in which our mind operates becomes different in view; or contorted in view.. duality does not go away because we take up an extreme; and so moving to an extreme allows us to see the subtler dualities involved– However, the path behind the path, or the path behind the middle path, is to be able to invert the middle path.. to the two extremes and swallow the hidden dualities of the middle path that do not lay separated by extremes–

Why do I say this? because.. if we are to assume that we do not want to be too hot, or too cold.. we want to be just right; that is fine, however.. in the infinite of comparison; may we always find a greater hot, and greater cold– Which means, what we know as hot and cold can be reconciled into the greater middle.. making a new edge of hot and cold part of the acceptable or higher quality middle– It is not in the manner, or something being too hot or cold for us; but that we do not understand the higher quality experience of these extremes, when we meet them in their contorted expression so that we may see them as an extreme–

The extremes we know our illusions in this sense– So when we talk about liberation or tyranny.. we cannot necessarily talk about them as things; because regardless of the liberation you know or the tyranny you know.. they are but drops in the buckets of knowledge– In this sense, we cannot talk about the ultimate aims as one or the other; but the greater reconciliation possible between them; Not, as a momentary shift and change in transmutation of the qualities.. but almost as a permanent change between them as to relate to them in an entirely different manner that these concepts no longer hold water in the sense of definition–

As we become more lucid in this kind of definition; we must begin to ask ourselves how to truly define ourselves, if the boundaries of our definition, or what we base ourselves on is so incapable of sustaining our identity, how to we base our selves in reality in an enlightened way (that allows our rationality to move with our heart, rather then moving our heart through this rationality)… and this is the greater question– Not what is the ultimate goal as something describable to our comparative minds; but the rightful place of comparison which colors the values of our world–

Not know the law, or master the law; but consciously wake up as a veil of the law–